Quality Management System


Quality Management System We are committed to ensuring the quality of our products as well as improving it. We never hesitate to take any preventive and corrective measures whenever and wherever problems are found.

Our Quality Management System runs through the whole business transaction, which includes:

1. Document and Data Check

2. Design Optimize control

3. Steel Hardness Inspection

4. Electrodes Inspection

5. Core and Cavity Steel Dimension Inspection

6. Pre-Assembly Inspection

7. Trial Report and Samples Inspection

8. In-process inspections including computerized, paperless real time SPC and Process Capability studies

9. Final/last inspection

10. Non-conforming material control that assures timely and positively corrective and preventive action Internal auditing to assure systems remain in compliance

11. Pre-Shipment Final Inspection

12. Mould Package Inspection

Now, we are still optimizing our QA system. We have earned a good reputation as “ship-stock” supplier, but we are still changing for the better.