Prototype And CNC Machining

Prototype Machining
We’re very experienced in quick-turn CNC machining. Our prototyping process is most often used when form, fit, and function are a priority during the product development process. Whether you need a single custom machined part or many, we have the capacity to get prototypes in your hands fast.




1-10+ Parts

Aerospace and Defense


Within hours

Medical and Health Care

Lead Time

In as fast as 1 day

Industrial Machinery


30+ metals and plastics


Part size

Ranging from;10mm x 5mmx 5mm to 500mmx 350 x20mm

(material dependent)


Standard Tolerances

+/- 0.02mm


SLA & SLS 3D Printing

D printing is a revolutionary technology. This method directly uses the product’sthree-dimensiona computer data to achieve a prototype of the product basedon the principle of layer-by-layer stacking of discrete layers. SLA and SLS are two mature laser rapid prototyping technologies, and the material used in SLA is mainly photosensitive resin. We offer SLA and SLS prototype in a variety of plastic materials.

Advantages of SLA and SLS
Finding some advantages of SLA and SLS below to see if they are the suitable manufacturing methods for your next project.
1. SLA parts have quality surface finish and high resolutions, making it suited for cosmetic prototypes.
2. SLS parts is very durable with the property of great impact strength, so that they are widely used in functional tests.
3. SLS parts are fast to be built, which is suitable for high volume production runs.
4. Low volume SLS parts can be shipped within 3 days.
5. No hard tooling investment is needed when compared with plastic injection molding, SLA and SLS are two cost-effective manufacturing processes.
6. Both SLA and SLS can create parts with intricate geometries that cannot be achieved by traditional machining methods.
7. We use the latest SLA and SLS machines to meet +/- 0.1mm tight tolerance. Greater tolerances can be achieved with post machining upon clients’request.