Laser and other advanced processing technology mold manufacturing will subvert imagination

In recent years, China’s molds, like all areas of China’s manufacturing industry, have ushered in a new historical journey from rapid growth to high-quality development. my country’s mold manufacturing industry is showing great vitality, and China’s mold industry is also developing in a more refined and professional direction. The rapid economic development has laid the foundation for a new round of development of the mold industry. Many industries, including automobiles, aerospace, home appliances, electronics and IT products, packaging, etc., have put forward more sophisticated requirements for molds. Therefore, my country’s mold industry urgently needs to adjust the industrial structure, focus on high value-added products/technology, and strive for the long-term development of the industry.

Under such a market background, laser technology is boosting the development of the mold industry with its unique advantages. Through the application of laser technology in mold manufacturing, design, material selection, mold making, inspection, repair and other technologies can be integrated, greatly shortening the design and manufacturing cycle, reducing production costs, changing mold manufacturing methods, and ultimately improving the overall process level of the mold industry . These advantages are unmatched by existing traditional technologies in terms of technology, economy and service.

At the South China Laser Show 2018, Liu Yaqiang, executive vice president/secretary-general of Guangdong Machinery Mould Technology Promotion Association, gave a report on “The Status and Development of Guangdong Mould Industry”. “In the first nine months of last year, the growth rate of the country’s total mold exports was much higher than that of imports, which marked an advancement in China’s mold manufacturing technology. The total output value of the entire industry has led the global market for many years.” Secretary-General Liu Yaqiang pointed out, The local mold market in Guangdong has mainly presented in recent years: processing equipment is mainly based on high-end brands such as Germany and Japan; precision is measured in μ level; design and technology are advanced; complete and mature supporting facilities; emphasis on new technology application and knowledge protection, etc. Features. According to him, the mold market in Guangdong Province is mainly based on plastic molds and stamping molds, which account for 80% of the local mold market share in Guangdong. In addition, there are die-casting molds and other special molds. The application industry mainly focuses on auto parts, home appliances, and electronic communications. Among them, auto parts molds account for half of the total, and have a huge volume basis. He believes that under the leadership of the next comprehensive embrace of the 5G era and industry trends such as the Internet and cloud computing, a new situation of reshaping the manufacturing industry of “big industrial chain and cross-border integration” has begun to appear. Mold manufacturing with the help of advanced processing technologies such as lasers will subvert imagination.