How To Improve The Mold Trial Success Rate?

Mold trial is the last process before deliver the molds to customer or start to produce plastic parts. When a new injection mold manufacturing is completely that need to trial the mold to check the samples feature, appearance, function, or any special tolerance if needs to be verified during the mold trial, etc. We do mold trial to avoid unnecessary mistakes in the mold and make sure that the phase of mold trial already provides customer with a good product. Most of time a standard mold trial process includes three phases. Sometimes, we test several times during a single phase. If necessary, we keep testing and optimizing until the produce meets customer’s demands.


When we receive a new mold to be proofed, we are always eager to try out a result earlier, pray for a smooth process to avoid wasting man-hours and causing confusion. But here we must remind two points: First, mold designers and manufacturing technicians sometimes make mistakes. If we are not alert when we try molds, small mistakes may cause large damage. Second, result of mold trial is to ensure smooth production in the future. If reasonable steps are not followed and proper records are made during mold trial process, it will not be able to guarantee smooth progress of mass production. We emphasize more that “if mold is used smoothly, profit recovery will increase rapidly, otherwise cost loss caused will be more than cost of mold itself.”

In order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and trouble during mass production, it is indeed necessary to pay patience to adjust and control various processing conditions, to find the best temperature and pressure conditions, and to develop standard mold test procedures, which can be used to establish daily working methods. Understand the relevant information of the injection mold: It is best to obtain the design drawing of the mold, analyze it in detail, and invite a mold technician to participate in the trial work. First, check its mechanical coordination on the workbench: Pay attention to whether there are scratches, missing parts, and looseness, whether the movement of the mold to the skateboard is true, whether there is leakage in the waterway and trachea joints, and if the opening of the injection mold is limited, it should also be marked on the mold. If the above actions can be done before the injection mold is hung, you can avoid finding problems when hanging the mold and then wasting the man-hours when disassembling the mold.


Keep all the records of sample inspection during the mold trial, including various pressures during the processing cycle, the temperature of the melt and the mold, the temperature of the material tube, the injection action time, the screw feeding period, etc. In short, all future contributions should be saved The data of the same processing conditions can be successfully established to obtain products that meet the quality standards.