Product, Tooling Design & Engineering Support


At DML we assesses your drawings and provides engineering guidance to help you design mould-able parts that are optimized for manufacture. From tool design concepts to process development and validation, we ensure that all aspects of production meet the ultimate goal of producing high-quality injection moulded parts.

Product Design Assistance
Our suggestion on this steps to design the product features, specs and industrial design follow. DML mould is certainly in a position to help you develop your new projects or re-design current products and implement these steps on behalf of clients by meeting in person and teleconferencing with you and your sales & marketing and technical people each step of the way.

Product Development Early Stage Engineering Support
Quality Requirement Planning
Material Selection Consultation
Mold Concept Planning
Part optimizing
Design For manufacturing

Mold Design Support

Engineer Software

1.Mold drawing 2D

1.Auto CAD

2.Mold drawing 3D

2.Unigraphics NX

3.Design for Manufacturable


4.Mold design checked

4.Autodesk Moldflow

5.Mold Design Specification


6.Mold design optimized



Design For Manufacturability (DFM)

DFM is a helpful tool that DML provides its customers to help minimize tooling costs and to help expedite the manufacturing process; this is a key step, we should analyze carefully following our checking list that DML’s DFM includes below processes.

Basic Information

Mold structure


1.Sink mark analysis

2.Using Material

2.Draft analysis


3.Engraving and Aspect spec

4.Part size & weight analysis

4.parting line analysis

5.Mold steels

5.Insert line analysis

6.Moldbase steel and  spec

6.Slide and retractor lines

7.Injection machine size

7.Ejector line

8.Gate location and size


Mold Flow Analysis For Mold & Tooling Design

Tooling & Mold Design


The Moldflow analysis is a helpful simulation for mould design concept evaluated and optimized the design options, that guarantees us to build a high-quality plastic injection mold successfully. Through this simulation, we can find out the best gate location, cycle time simulation analysis, cooling checking, sink marks preventing, welding line improving, venting designing and injection parameter primary analysis that is indispensable to us.

DML uses the lasted engineer software to build the 2D or 3D mold structure and simulate that it is right and capable; our designer should follow the ultimate confirmed DFM report to build mold structure, and assemble mold components that are the customer’s mold standard.
Generally, We use these engineer softwares to build a model as below:
Pro-Engineer for product design model.
Unigraphics NX for3D mold design model.
Auto CAD for 2D mold design.
Moldflow for Moldflow analysis and optimized simulation.


Product Design & Development Assist

Our product development and design team has over 10 years of combined product development experience and has been exposed to many different applications and industries. Through many years of experience, we have developed a workflow that ensures a smooth and well-developed process plan for new projects.

Product Design Process

Product Development Process

1.Problem Assessment

1.Product concept creation

2.Design Specification


3.Idea Generation

3.Electronic device development

4.Concept Design

4.Assembly and verification of pilot batch

5.Quotation proposal

5.Certification tests

6.Detailed Design

6.Preparation for production and pilot batch launch

7.Testing 7.Full-scale production

8.Manufacturing and QC