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Available Casting Information

Precessing technology: die casting+CNC machining

Quality level

Casting standards: CT5-CT4 grade, and fit for ISO.DIN, ANSI, BS, JIS, GB standards.etc.

Machining standards: limited linear dimension tolerance ±0.1mm, geometric dimension ±0.1mm

Quality assurance system

ISO9001-2008, 5S for the whole workshop management


ANSI: A380/380/A363/363/A360/360/A413/413

ISO: AlSi11Cu2(Fe),AlSi10Mg,AlSi9Cu3,

DIN EN: AC46000/AC43000/AC46100/AC43200/AC43400

BS: LM20/LM24/LM12

JIS: ADC-12/ADC-10/ADC-3/ADC-1

Casting machines

160T/280T/400T/500T/800T/1000T( brand LK )

Casting capacity

Working pieces from 20g to 5kgs, 400,000 pieces we produced last year.

Precise machining

5 sets of 4 axis CNC machining center(Hardinge), 10 sets CNC athe(Hardinge), 20 sets tapping machines.


CMM,2D projector, caliper,surface rough tester,customized gauge,etc.

Surface finishing

Powder coating, chrome plating,electrophoresis, zinc plating, shot blasting,sand blasting


Carton+pallet or as your required


DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT for very urgent delivery, massive batch delivery by sea shipment, we recommend the world-class forwarder or you name it.

Aluminum Die Casting Solution

Aluminum die casting alloys are lightweight while possessing high dimensional stability for complex shapes and thin walls. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, high thermal and electrical conductivity, as well as strength at high temperatures.

More Die Castong Parts

The products showned in the picture are the customerized products, showing that we have the ability and experience to do your products well! Any kind of OEM is well welcomed!

Production process


How to order


Our factory

The company’s products are widely used in automotive, communications, electronics, lamps, motors, agricultural machinery, tools, medical devices and other industries. Our company has the right of self-import and export. 40% of our products are exported to more than a dozen countries and regions, such as the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Japan and Korea. It has become the OEM supporting production.

Packing & Delivery


Inner Packing →Strong & waterproof plastic big is packed inside, to keep the product in safe condition.Or as customer requests.

Outer Packing →Multilayer wooden box with strong bandages, used for standard export package. Or customized as per customer’s requirements.

Shipping & Payment